News Item: : Fueled by Ramen Tour // The Militia Group Tour photos + More!
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Posted by Josh
Monday 18 April 2005 - 07:31:43

Hey crew!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

I have a rad photography update this time around, i am stoked to be posting these photos. Click each link to view the shots from said show or just go to the "Photography" section to view all albums like normal.

Fall Out Boy - 04/12/05 (The Norva)
Silverstein - 04/12/05 (The Norva)
The Academy is... - 04/12/05 (The Norva)
Gym Class Heroes - 04/12/05 (The Norva)
Brandtson - 04/13/05 (The Brewery)
Cartel - 04/13/05 (The Brewery)
The Rocket Summer - 04/13/05 (The Brewery)
Umbrellas - 04/13/05 (The Brewery)

I would like to thank Danielle from Crush Media, Kyle from Fueled By Ramen, and Paul from Silverstein in helping me out and hooking me up with the show at the Norva; thanks guys! I also want to give a huuuge THANK YOU to Shane from Silverstein for name dropping my website during there set! So awesome! And thanks to Kevin and the rest of Cartel for hooking me up on 04/13/05's show! Check out their respective websites!

Got some good shows coming up in the coming weeks, summer is near! I don't know about the rest of you, but i am ready for this warmer weather to stick around :)

I updated the poll to the left of the screen, check it out and vote! And yeah, i can not figure out why the poll looks so ugly with that gray coloring. I will figure it out later :)

I am going to be posting many new links in the links section soon; lots of band websites mostly.

Keep telling all your friends about the website and remember, if you want banners to post all over your MySpace's and LiveJournal's and such, then let me know and i will show you the two I have and you can pick what you like!

Thanks a ton everyone, have a good rest of the week!!


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