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Posted by Josh
Wednesday 12 March 2008 - 10:25:54

What's up friends!
Party timez! ;)

You know the drill...

Four Year Strong - 02/27/08 (Greene St.)
All Time Low - 02/02/08 (Greene St.)
Just Surrender - 02/02/08 (Greene St.)
Every Avenue - 02/02/08 (Greene St.)
Armor For Sleep - 01/16/08 (Greene St.)
Four Year Strong - 01/16/08 (Greene St.)
Mercy Mercedes - 01/16/08 (Greene St.)
The International Drive - 01/16/08 (Greene St.)



Nothing much to say here this time around... be sure you have added me to your MySpace(s) to keep up with the latest happenings! You can add me by clicking HERE !!!

Let's book some photo shoots! If you want to check out some of my latest work; again, be sure to peak at the MySpace account!

Contact me ASAP to reserve your date.


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