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Posted by Josh
Wednesday 25 October 2006 - 16:15:36

Yeah, it really has been awhile...
But this entry is huge.

Click each link to view the shots from said show or just go to the "Photography" section to view all the albums like normal.

MuteMath - 10/21/06 (CatsCradle)
Shiny Toy Guns - 10/21/06 (CatsCradle)
Jonezetta - 10/21/06 (CatsCradle)
Atreyu - 10/20/06 (The Norva)
From First to Last - 10/20/06 (The Norva)
Every Time I Die - 10/20/06 (The Norva)
Chiodos - 10/20/06 (The Norva)
Norma Jean - 10/18/06 (Tremont Music Hall)
Between The Buried and Me - 10/18/06 (Tremont Music Hall)
Fear Before the March of Flames - 10/18/06 (Tremont Music Hall)
Misery Signals - 10/18/06 (Tremont Music Hall)
Boxbomb - 10/16/06 (CatsCradle)
Yearling - 10/16/06 (CatsCradle)
The New Me - 10/16/06 (CatsCradle)
Say Anything - 10/15/06 (CatsCradle)
mewithoutYou - 10/15/06 (CatsCradle)
Piebald - 10/15/06 (CatsCradle)
He is Legend - 10/01/06 (CatsCradle)
Far-Less - 10/01/06 (CatsCradle)
This is Hell - 10/01/06 (CatsCradle)
Idea of Beauty - 10/01/06 (CatsCradle)
Anberlin - 09/29/06 (Greene St.)
Far-Less - 09/29/06 (Greene St.)
Mercy Mercedes - 09/29/06 (Greene St.)
Yosemite Mudflap and The Fireball Wizards - 09/29/06 (Greene St.)
A Kiss For Jersey - 09/29/06 (Greene St.)
Cartel - 09/22/06 (Lincoln Theatre)
As Tall As Lions - 09/22/06 (Lincoln Theatre)
Holiday Parade - 09/22/06 (Lincoln Theatre)

New Promotional/Press Photography
(Of My Hero is Me and Yosemite Mudflap and The Fireball Wizards, photos start on page six!!


So wow, where do I even start?
This update is freaking large and in charge!

Things are still amazing.
Working hard at getting things done.
And thats about it!

Please check it out @ myspace.com/corruptedlensdotnet !!!

I am beat; this update took a lot out of me, haha :)

Later friends !!!

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Thanks for the support!
See you soon...


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