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I am still alive, and still shooting !!!
Hey everyone...

I really have no idea how often people visit my site, but I am sure people are wondering where I have been the last six months!!!

I am still shooting shows.
Still doing band promos,
fashion shoots,
etc etc...

I haven’t been updating the website a lot recently because of some technical errors that happen more often than not, while uploading new photos. It does work, but it takes a few tries and is very frustrating to me. I would love a complete redesign of the site, while still keeping this old version online for people who want to look around at older photos. I just haven't talked to any web designers about the possibility. Anyone care to offer their services? haha

Right now, the best way to keep up with new photos, shows, and events is via my MySpace page at Corrupted Lens dot Net MySpace! I post bulletins with new photos and news bits fairly often… but not often enough to be one of those annoying bulletin posters! Also, be sure to follow me on TWITTER @ twitter.com/josh_hofer!

I do have about 8-12 different photos albums that I could post up new to the site from All Time Low, Hit The Lights, Cartel, Warped Tour 2008, and a bunch others… I will try to toss everything up on the site soon since a lot of people have been asking for an update! Hopefully my site decides to do it with little to no error ;)

Also, I am ALWAYS booking shoots for all sorts of occasions so please contact me with your needs and let’s get shooting!!!

Hope to hear from you soon,

Posted by Josh on Wednesday 24 September 2008 - 12:20:18 | Read/Post Comment: 0 | email to someone printer friendly

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